Terms & Conditions

webaccuracy.com does not allow websites to host on its servers which has any kind of pornographic contents and adult websites or any other illegal contents.
webaccuracy.com does not allow to distribute pirated software, songs, mp3’s or any other pirated contents on the hosted websites. If any of our customer, reseller or reseller’s customer is found doing these kind of activities from our servers, their site (or sites) will be removed from server without any prior information and webaccuracy.com will not be responsible for any kind of data loss for those customers.
webaccuracy.com does not allow bulk/spam mailing from our SMTP servers. Any email account found sending bulk/spam emails will be terminated.

webaccuracy.com will showcase the works which are created by the company itself on it’s clients page (https://www.webaccuracy.com/clients/) . If you have any short of query or problem please have a discussion regarding to this before placing the work order.

webaccuracy.com may charge extra for removing the footer branding or placing another company’s branding in the footer of the website which is created by the company.

webaccuracy.com will require written permission by the company whose name will appear on the website footer.
webaccuracy.com does not allow any kind of spamming from its servers or mailing servers.
Unlimited Plans must be used for web hosting purpose only and all data should be related to your website content, we do not offer hosting for data storage, file sharing or desktop applications. For Desktop Application and data storage hosting please get in touch with our sales team for customized plans.
webaccuracy.com upgrades the server, software and other tools time to time. For this purpose sometime we need to down some services for some certain time period.
The laws of the Republic of India shall govern this agreement.
webaccuracy.com reserve the right of termination of Free trial account anytime without any prior notice.
webaccuracy.com reserve the right of termination of account with 15 days prior notice by email.
In any event of dispute the area of Jurisdiction would be Ranchi only.
Term & Conditions can be changed without any notification and without any prior information.


*Beware of any fraud marketing agents. 

*Place Your Work Order only if you receive the quotation via our official email: “care@webaccuracy.com”

*We never ask you to pay the advance amount or the final amount of the project to any of our marketing agent’s bank account.

*If You have any doubt in your mind please call “+91 9525866668” before any payment. 


No help will be provided from our side in retrieving money from fraudsters. Please be careful !!

If you agree with all the above-written articles then place the work order else have a discussion on the particular topic before placing the work order or paying the advance amount.